One of the world´s best football players trains in the Arena Pro!

Getting ready for the season: One of the world's best female football players, Nadia Nadim, and the young Danish talent, Mathilde Gaarn Hansen, are preparing for the 2024 season. Here they are using AGF´s Arena Pro, Rebounder Pro, and Ignite Light to maximize their training, even in some challenging weather conditions.

Danish football stars prepare with Goal Station

Sometimes you need the best training environment and training equipment to perform at a professional level

As a part of the preparations for the upcoming 2024 season with their respective clubs (Racing Louisville FC in the American National Women's Soccer League, and Brøndby IF in Gjensidige Kvindeliga) the Danish national team player Nadia Nadim and the young Danish talent Mathilde Gaarn Hansen are preparing within the Arena Pro G8.

Training in any weather conditions

Despite the challenging conditions in the Danish winter with a lot of snow and windy weather, they are participating in a training session arranged by Opti Performance. Without snow and windy weather ruining it, they use the Arena Pro and Rebounder Pro to practice passes, coordination, footwork, first touches and turns with the ball. 

A bit cold but still super fun to play some footy.” – Nadia Nadim.

With Arena Pro, you can train all game components in all weather conditions – all in a closed environment. Based on the wind-resistant nets on the side, the Arena Pro offers a training experience without wind interference from outside the Arena. Therefore, you can keep 100% of your focus on your preparation and improve your skills like Nadia Nadim, Mathilde Gaarn Hansen, and other professionals.

Arena Pro & Rebounder Pro

There are a lot of opportunities in the Arena Pro to set up exercises where you can improve your skills, maximize your individual development, and improve as a player. Often individual training can be hard to plan and to get the most effective training sessions. But within the Arena Pro and using the Rebounder Pro players have all the tools for a time-efficient training session. In the Arena Pro players can use the Rebounder Pro to improve their technical level with passes, first touches, and turns with the ball – and if you want more exercises, you can download the Goal Station app to get a lot of new exercises with the Rebounder Pro.

So why are you waiting? Train like Nadia Nadim, Mathilde Gaarn Hansen, and other professionals with our innovative equipment and cognitive training methodology.