The Goal Station app


Goal Station enables you to keep track of your development as a football player.

The app helps you to manage your training schedules and all your drills. You also have access to all the statistics from your training with Goal Station, so you can plan your future training based on your performance in the past.

The data from your training sessions measure your performance and track how you improve over time. You and your coach will be able to plan training sessions that are precisely tailored to where you are right now and what skills you want to improve.

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. The app is free to use, and all you need is an account with us.

Use your email address, phone number, or both to create the account.

With the app, you can connect the lights to your phone or tablet. We support all recent versions of Android and iOS tablets and phones.

Once you have connected your device to the lights, you are good to go. Start a session using the Quick Start feature or go to the Drills library. If you are a coach, the app is loaded with extra features for coaches. 

You will get your training statistics in the app if you are a player, and if you are a coach you will get training data from the entire team.

How it works

Can we collect training data with some sort of magic, or is it possible without voodoo?

It is, actually, quite simple. We use state-of-the-art technology, but we have made it simple for you.

Here’s how it works.

Set up the rebounders, or if you are playing in an arena you don’t even have to do that. Mount the lights on top of the rebounders. They are clip-on and it takes seconds.

When you or your coach starts a drill, one of the lights turns a simmering white. That’s the first light to hit. When you hit the white light, the counter starts. We count seconds and milliseconds.

A motion sensor in the light is sending a signal to the connected app. The app is sending a signal that turns on another light. It goes so fast it seems like magic, but we are just really good at technology. Just as good as you want to become as a football player.

The app contains a lot of pre-installed drills and you can create your own. A drill is often a sequence of 12 to 20 lights, and once you hit the last light in the sequence all of the lights will go off and even play a sound.

Your drill is now completed, and the app can tell you the number of hits, misses, and the average time between hits. The statistics will automatically be added to your player account.

It is not magic. It only feels that way.


If you have any app problems, please check out our manual below. 



Get better at soccer with numbers

Goal Station is your digital training assistant. Set up the rebounders, turn on the lights, open the app, and you are ready to go.

Players and coaches around the World are using Goal Station for efficient soccer training.

The app is used to set up and start drills, and you can play in arenas of all sizes. From just two rebounders in your garden to a full-scale soccer arena with goals and turf.

You can view your training results in the app and learn from the data. Your coach can view training data for the entire team. You can compare yourself against your teammates, challenge others in a quick start event and see who performs the best under stress.

Goal Station is a lot of fun. We turn the passing game in soccer into a sort of computer game, where you are the player – but it is a real-life experience. Lace your boots and get playing.

Built with the pros and for the pros

Use the Training section developed in cooperation with professional soccer coaches. Set up your team, plan your training sessions, and get the team to work.

You can build your own custom drills or use the drills provided with the system. Be creative. You can design drills using rebounders and lights only, or you can add other equipment of any kind.

Goal Station will measure results from the first to last kick in your drill, and you can add your own illustrations to a custom drill, so you can set up the exact same drill the next time.