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One of the world's best football players trains in the Arena Pro

Getting ready for the season: One of the world's best female football players, Nadia Nadim, and the young Danish talent, Mathilde Gaarn Hansen, are preparing for the 2024 season. Here they are using AGF´s Arena Pro, Rebounder Pro, and Ignite Light to maximize their training, even in some challenging weather conditions.

5 drills in 2024 that will improve your football skills!

Level up your game: Becoming one of the best footballers demands a lot of dedication and hard work. Consistent and effective training is the key in this journey. Setting yourself apart from your opponents and optimizing your training requires drills that are both effective and closely aligned with match situations. In this blog, we'll explore five innovative training drills, that you should know in 2024, designed to enhance your football skills, providing you with the tools to outperform your opponents.

How can boarding schools utilize a Goal Station Arena Pro as a competitive advantage?

In the fall of 2023, Sportsefterskolen Aabybro had an Arena Pro G8 installed to ensure the best facilities for their players. Over the past 10 years, Sportsefterskolen Aabybro has consistently been among the best boarding school football teams in Denmark.