About us

Goal Station is designed to improve the player’s first touch, first pass, and short pass. At Goal Station we design our products with the purpose of making each training session as effective as possible. Did you know that 70% of all actions in a football match take place before finishing the goal?


Optimization of each training session

Goal Station gives coaches the ability to give value back to their players, parents, and organizations through our patented data technology. The training system collects data from the rebounders for instant viewing on a smartphone or tablet.


Coaches and players are using the app, but with different permissions, so the coach can learn from data for the entire team, and players can view their own progress.

Make the most out of your training

At Goal Station we believe in the optimization of each training session. Studies show that each player has approximately 150-250 actions during a 60-minute training session with traditional training equipment.

By using our training facilities, the player would participate in 800-1100 actions during the same 60-minute training session.

By 4-doubling these actions, we know that our products provide intense, effective, and increasingly focused training sessions compared to traditional training equipment.

Participate in drills that improve your skills during a match

Our drills are designed to improve skills that are central to a player during a match. Our training methodology is based upon the creation of game-like situations with the purpose of developing players in these specific areas.

Our application is tracking your player’s performance during every drill. This way, coaches can monitor their players and most importantly provide them with feedback for improvement.


We believe in innovation and data

By combining our product with the newest technology and training methodology, we believe that we have the ultimate training system for both players and coaches.

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