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Ignite Trainer

Ignite Trainer is a wireless and intelligent light placed on different Goal Stations products

Ignite Trainer is a wireless and intelligent light placed on different Goal Station products, showing the player where to shoot. The Ignite Trainers are controlled by the Goal Station app, which records and saves every single pass made by the player. You can put the Ignite Trainers into our Ignite Brackets, and then place them on/in different products.

Ignite Trainers can be used in the following Goal Station products:

Rebounder Pro, Rebounder Play, Rebounder Play 2, Focus 360, Target points, Reaction Wall, Focus Wall 1, and Focus Wall 2.

Ignite Trainer specs:

  • Battery life of at least 5 hours of continuous training.
  • Powerful Bluetooth low energy feature ensures stable connection and low energy consumption so you can train for hours.
  • Water-resistant – tested in the rain.

Ignite Controller

Our Ignite Controller are powered by A-Champs


The Ignite Controller is the future of training in the world of football. It comes with a pre-installed app, which is installed on one of the best tablets on the market. 

Our Ignite Controller tablet is dust- and waterproof, and designed with exceptional battery power and a hard shell, to be your local assistant coach in almost any weather condition.

It's used to set up drills to control the sequence of the Ignite Trainers, track player performance, show results, etc.

  • A robust bumper frame ensures that the controller can be dropped on the turf without damage. 
  • Extraordinary battery – three times as powerful as an iPad, guaranteeing you can train hour after hour without running out of power.
  • Water-resistant – tested in the rain.

Powered by A-Champs

Our Ignite Trainers are powered by A-Champs!


A-Champs has developed an innovative training solution where the central element in their technology is the element of surprise. Based on this, they created a light system that makes training more effective and enjoyable! 

The cornerstones in the development of the light system are based upon the fact that every person has a body that is controlled by a brain. And as soon as you start to train those 2 systems together, your performance and training engagement immediately start to increase. 

A-Champs has managed to combine neuro-science technology and data with a variety of different ways of exercise. This way, they created a playful and holistic solution that helps stimulates both your physical and mental abilities. 

A training system that benefits everyone

Neuro-science technology and innovative training equipment!


Together with our innovative and cutting-edge training equipment, we believe that coaches and players have the ultimate training system.

The best thing, however, is that it does not matter if you are a professional football player, a senior, a child, a couch potato, a football supporter or you have special abilities, by combining A-Champs technology with our innovative approach to training equipment, we believe that we have the best training solution within the world of football.

Check out A-Champs technology here.

Interested in Ignite Trainer? 

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